“Focus Means Ignoring”

From crazy to sad to laugh-out-loud hilarious, Twitter is available for non-stop distraction. And as a maker, it really is that: a distraction.

I’ve been thinking lately about attention and how much of it I have to offer, and as it turns out, it’s not much. And the more things I try to give attention to the less attention I have to give.  

True character comes when you give focus to the things that are difficult but must be done. This means you have to ignore everything else, and know that you will be better because of it.

via Able Parris


I love this. But I also disagree. Work vs. play, focus vs. distraction should be in moderation. Giving in to distractions can lead to serendipitous discovery, like a poem I read earlier today that an old friend shared, or the link to this very blog.

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